Chirpy Bird

I present Chirpy Bird. Chirpy Bird is essentially Flippy Bird rebranded but with achievements, leaderboards, and higher quality just about everything. Many image assets changed, and the sounds are different.

My primary focus with Chirpy Bird's release was to ensure that it would be perceived as a quality game despite the negative attention being received by Flappy Bird Clones and Remakes. Chirpy bird seeks to differentiate itself through different handling dynamics (more difficult) variable sized openings between obstacles, and a currency system.

Unfortunately, due to needing to ramp up the quality of Chirpy Bird before releasing it, I was not able to implement the in-game store. This is coming very soon, with multiple powerups and new birds available for purchase.


I have taken great pains to ensure Chirpy Bird is not removed from the market like Flippy Bird and I will do my best to keep it this way. I apologize to all of Flippy Bird's fans but offer a quality update available here, under Chirpy Bird.


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