Flippy Bird Battles - Say Hello to the Store

The Store is in!

After a solid day of very serious programming, I am proud to announce the in-game store in Flippy Bird Battles. This is update 1.12 for Android, which is uploaded and currently being distributed through Google Play's Servers. When it goes live in a couple hours, thousands of players will have the chance to purchase 2 new Flippy Characters and 2 awesome new environments.

Baby Flippy

The most expensive item in the store, is also the most exciting. You can play as a baby version of Flippy the bird which is much smaller than the original bird. This costs only 20,000 coins and is also available in multiplayer. With this bird your high scores will soar and you will lay waste to your friends in a battle.

Flippy Fish

Now you can play as a Splashy Fish if you prefer. Only slightly smaller than the original bird, this fish hides a surprise. He is capable of brushing with the obstacles and handling it, making him a little easier to play with. What this really means is that he has a smaller hitbox and won't always die when brushing up with obstacles.

In-App Purchases

If you don't want to save up for those guys, you can go ahead and purchase coins right in the game. With 10,000 for 4.99 or 50,000 for 12.99 you can buy out the whole store at an affordable price. 

The Environments

With a new underwater environment and snow environment, Flippy Bird Battles has never looked better. These upgrades are cheap and offer a different play experience. Every graphic is changed, including the floor, background, and obstacles. 

Where can I get it?

As always, this update is pushed to Google Play already. Press any of the links in this article to go to the download page. This update will be coming soon to iOS.


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