Update: GPS Range Finder Free

I had some extra time yesterday and decided to add the ability to switch between distance units to GPS Range Finder Free.

I added feet, meters, kilometers, and miles as well as keeping the default to yards.

Not a huge update but I have some other ideas such as adding score tracking (I already have written the code for this). More to come!

GPS Range Finder Free

GPS RangeFinder Free

Announcing GPS RangeFinder Free

Find the distances on the Golf course quickly and easily with this app.
Measure your shots, or plan them out. Supports multi-tiered distance measurements for those curved courses.

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Mobile Amazon Lister Update

Released a new update last night.
Fixed a bug in present only in Android 2.2 where the upload would fail silently.
Made it so the edit product page is scrollable.

Little stuff, I know, I've been very busy. I should have some new features and tweaks coming soon including, but not limited to:
-Quick Condition Notes
-Notification on completion of upload

As well as something much bigger on the horizon

Mobile Amazon Lister

I recently released my first app: Mobile Amazon Lister.
It is the first app of its kind allowing holders of non-individual Amazon seller accounts to post products for sale directly from their phone.  It supports barcode scanning and bulk product upload.

This is my first foray into the world of app development and so far so good. Of course there were a couple bugs that the first users found but I worked those out quickly. I initially released the application at the price of 4.89 but after a little research and feedback I promptly lowered it to 1.89. Ive had a steady number of downloads a day with no advertising so far and I plan to start advertising next week.
I will post updates as they become relevant.

Getting Started

I am starting this blog to record my experiences developing applications for the Android Operating System. I am currently a 19 year old college student studying Computer Engineering which is pretty much the same as Electrical Engineering just with an emphasis on computers. I have been writing software for about 7 years now but only just started developing for Android 2 months ago. My goal is to generate revenue to help out with college.