Golf GPS Range Finder Free

Just set up the Google Plus Page for the Golf GPS Range Finder in the Android Market.

My goal is to bring cheap, accurate range finding to every golf lover! There is no longer any need for expensive $500 laser range finders when equally accurate technology is available on your smartphone!

Here's for website verfication: Google+


  1. This is my favorite app I have. I use it for a lot more than just golf. Great Job! Now my problem...I upgraded my phone with Verizon to an Iphone, and I can't find the app. Is it available for Iphone? If not, I just made a big mistake switching to Iphone, because I really want this app. Will it be available for Apple soon?

    1. Hey Fly,
      I'm really glad to hear you like the app!
      I actually have an iPhone version in the works, and now I feel some motivation to push it out faster. Unfortunately none of the code can be shared, so it's just a matter of rewriting everything.

      Check back on the website for updates, I will post when it is out!

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