GPS Rangefinder Update

Announcing the next update for the Golf Range/Distance Finder App!

Within the next few days, this app will hit 50,000 total downloads!!

I can't express my gratitude or excitement enough in this blog post, but in honor of this momentous occasion, I will be releasing an update to the app.

I have received much feedback since the last update and will integrate that into this update.

Here is the plan:
  • Do a How To and demo video of the app and put that on the app page.
  • Make it so pressing the Back button erases the last placed point
  • Try to get compass integration for map rotation
    • I have tried this before and will try again, but it is tricky
I am considering adding in score tracking, because it is in most of the other popular apps, but I have not had any requests for it, so it will definitely not be in this update.


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  2. Thanks for the heads up! I've been hiking and camping for quite some time and I can't see myself without my GPS devices. They really make my trips easier and safer, too. The update to the app is welcome news and as you know, the more technologically advanced these GPS devices are, the better . For more information on the best GPS devices in the market, why not see the reviews featured on this resource site? See

  3. Agreed nice. Would b great to have intermediate distances between added points.

    1. Sorry intermediate distance is displayed. Great app.

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