GPS Rangefinder Update

Announcing the next update for the Golf Range/Distance Finder App!

Within the next few days, this app will hit 50,000 total downloads!!

I can't express my gratitude or excitement enough in this blog post, but in honor of this momentous occasion, I will be releasing an update to the app.

I have received much feedback since the last update and will integrate that into this update.

Here is the plan:
  • Do a How To and demo video of the app and put that on the app page.
  • Make it so pressing the Back button erases the last placed point
  • Try to get compass integration for map rotation
    • I have tried this before and will try again, but it is tricky
I am considering adding in score tracking, because it is in most of the other popular apps, but I have not had any requests for it, so it will definitely not be in this update.